The Planes are Calling.

Sigil is a strange, beautiful, and sometimes terrifying place. It’s the doorway to the multiverse, quite literally; it is said that a cutter with the right knowledge can get herself anywhere just by stepping through the right archway, tavern door or portcullis. Here’s the dark of it: you’re no cutter, you’re just a clueless who’s likely to get himself put in the dead-book.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll survive long enough to find yourself some jink, get yourself a good gate key, or find your way to power within one of the factions. Maybe.

You walked through that portal completely unawares like the dumbest berk to ever walk the streets of the City of Doors. Found yourself in that ancient temple, infested with goblins, and stood before the great statue. The pillar rose before you, holding the object that called to you, scratched some itch deep inside you; you knew it was yours, it had to be yours.

There’s a price to pay, of course. As sure as the Great Road is long, you’ll be paying it soon enough.

Planescape: The 13th Age

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