Rumors abound of a secretive wizard who wanders the planes for his own reasons. Tales are told of a man in blue robes, with a long beard and a pointed hat with untold power that mortals were not meant to have.


“An archmage can sometimes react poorly to interruption. Please reconsider before it is too late.”

Usual Location

Probably a tower somewhere. Or wandering the Outlands, staff in hand, apprentice at his coat-tails. Or practically anywhere else, in any guise, up to anything.

Common Knowledge

Conflicting stories abound. Some say the archmage is a powerful wizard from a lost plane, and he seeks in order to find a way back there. Others say he is cursed to wander after displeasing the gods of his world. And many think that he is searching for some key that will allow him to unlock his divine potential and join the gods.

Adventurers & the Icon

Any adventurer who seeks magical power has heard tales of the Archmage and specifically his hidden Library. He makes it his business to know of magically powerful individuals who may make excellent pawns, allies, or resources to be exploited.


The Archmage has worked with all sorts of powers, and does not shy away from working with powers on the Lower Planes to achieve his goals. He is rumored to transact business regularly with the Merchant and the King of the Cross-trade. It’s well known that he has had dealings with the Demon Prince and the Elemental Lords.


The Soulforger is suspicious of the Archmage’s motives, and generally distrustful of magic users. The Pirate Queen & Monk King both think the Archmage has made a deal with the other, and despise him for it.

The True Danger

Everything will be alright if the Archmage never finds the artifact he’s been searching for… and has recently been rumored to have resurfaced after hundreds of years.


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