Elemental Lords

The Khan of the Dao, the Caliph of the Djinn, the Sultan of the Efreet and the Padishah of the Marid make up the Elemental Lords, rulers of the four primary Elemental Planes.


a cacophony of bickering

Usual Location

Each Elemental Lord resides primarily in their palace on each of the four primary Elemental Planes. They have both public and secret havens on the Paraelemental Planes and the Quasielemental Planes adjacent to their own realms.

On the Ethereal Plane, there is a palace maintained for meetings of the grand council of genies where the Elemental Lords meet on a regular basis to discuss business relating to their realms.

Common Knowledge

Genies are some of the most difficult beings to deal with in the multiverse. Yet, there are very good reasons to put oneself through the trouble; they have access to resources and magic that are impossible to find elsewhere.

Recently, the four Elemental Lords have each sent delegations to Sigil to establish more extensive trade ties with the Outer Planes. The City of Doors is a convenient shortcut around the usually long and tedious trip.

Adventurers & the Icon

Any adventurer planning to visit the Elemental Planes would do well to familiarize themselves with the customs and etiquette required when interacting with representatives of the Elemental Lords.

There are amazing riches lying within the genies’ realms, but getting the Elemental Lords to aid an adventurer is a challenge to say the least.


The Sultan of the Efreet has extensive ties with the Demon Prince; the Khan of the Dao and the Queen of Spiders maintain relations; the Padishah of the Marid often works with the Pirate Queen & the Monk King, and the Caliph of the Djinn has recently been seen cavorting with the Huntsman.


All the Lords have worked with the King of the Cross-trade and the Merchant while establishing themselves in Sigil. The expert negotiation skills of the Elemental Lords have proven threatening to them both.

The Soulforger & the Primus both find the genies’ capricious nature makes them unreliable. Both of them would happily see the Elemental Lords deposed.

The True Danger

Everything will be alright as long as the Elemental Lords continue to squabble and focus on their petty rivalries. The day they are all united against a common enemy will be a frightening day indeed.

Elemental Lords

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