Lady of Pain

She wanders the streets of Sigil, seemingly at random intervals and places. None dare approach her, and only the barmiest Xaositect would ever consider speaking to her, lest he be lost in one of her Mazes for all eternity.



Usual Location

Sigil, the City of Doors.

Common Knowledge

Get out of the way when you see the lady approaching. Her silent Dabus servants are sacrosanct; she will brook no interference with their maintenance activities of the city. The Dabus speak only in rebuses; some have hinted that they have intimate knowledge of the city and its workings, and that through them communication with the Lady is even possible. The Lady of Pain is rumored to be in control of the city’s many portals to the other Planes.

Adventurers & the Icon

The Lady seems unapproachable, but some have claimed that she manipulates events in the city by removing those who might threaten her using her Mazes. The sudden disappearance of an upstart or troublemaker is often attributed to her; whether it’s true or not, it’s hard to say. Adventurers may have some relationship with the Lady through her Dabus, or simply by having a reputation in Sigil — in many ways, having a relationship with the Lady of Pain is like having a relationship with the city itself.


The Lady has no allies among the other icons. Her only true allies are her Dabus servants, and the City of Doors.


While the Lady has no real allies to speak of, she has many enemies. Those who covet her city’s secrets would love to remove her from her position. The Merchant and the Puppet Mistress both have worked against the Lady in subtle ways in the past, but largely they fear and respect her.


It’s believed that the Lady never leaves Sigil. Some say that she angered the gods, and they banished her from the Outer Planes. Others say that the torus atop the Great Spire was created as a prison for her, and she is unable to leave.

The True Danger

Everything will be alright as long as The Lady of Pain doesn’t decide that the City is in danger and decide to Maze everyone in it as a precautionary measure.

Lady of Pain

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