Monk King

The self-styled “God-King” of the Githzerai people, he leads their settlements on Limbo, as well as a never-ending war against the Githyanki. To the Githzerai, this is a matter of pure survival: the Githerzerai believe that if the Githyanki are not kept perpetually off-blance, the Githyanki will put into motion some evil scheme that will wipe out their brethren completely. To outsiders, this holy war makes no sense whatsoever, but it keeps both forces occupied.

The Monk King is a contradiction, just like the Githzerai themselves. To casual acquaintances (of which the Githzerai have few), the Monk King and his people do not exemplify Chaos. In fact, they are known for their intense discipline, excelling as monks and with psionic powers, as well as being the most adapt at controlling the chaotic roil of Limbo. However, their single-minded quest leaves them with little time to debate matters of Good and Evil. Their actions are unpredictable, especially on their raids on the Githyanki.


“Better the heartfelt devotion of a free soul than the grudging obedience of a slave.”

Usual Location

The Githzerai Monastic strongholds of Limbo.

Common Knowledge

The Githzerai strongholds are not known to be welcoming to strangers. Anyone seeking audience with The Monk King must be accompanied by a Githzerai sponsor, which are very hard to come by.

Adventurers & the Icon

Adventurers who seek enlightenment in Chaos, or who exemplify a free and independent spirit are the most likely to have a positive connection to the Monk King. Those who have been judged to be allies of the Githyanki (for whatever real or imagined slight) or exert their will over others by force will have conflicted or negative relationships.


The Monk King and Chaos Unbridled are allies in spirit, even if their plans never quite coincide in any valuable way. The Monk King also has been known to call in ancient favors from some of the Elemental Lords, who also have interest in Limbo.


The Pirate Queen draws the primary enmity of the Monk King (and vice versa), while the Primus disapproves of the Monk’s chaotic style.


The Monk King is said to be Gith herself reborn in a new body thanks to the chaotic energies of Limbo. After showing himself to be a warrior of unmatched potential and skill, he declared himself God-King and begin a new phase of the Githzerai’s war on the Githyanki.

The True Danger

Everything will be alright as long as the Monk King has his holy war against the Pirate Queen ongoing. If he ever were to vanquish her, he and his veteran Githzerai army would be free to wage war on everybody else who they deem as “not free.”

Monk King

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