He who is called Dwarffather is the patron deity of dwarves, blacksmiths, those who create.


Aim high, plan well, strike while the iron is hot.

Usual Location

The Soulforger resides on the fourth level of Mount Celestia; Solania, the Electrum Heaven.

Common Knowledge

The Soulforger’s followers are stalwart and loyal companions, but have a penchant for law and order that drives some people barmy

Adventurers & the Icon

Until recently, the Soulforger has remained content to tend to his forge, but he has begun extending his sphere of influence outside Mount Celestia’s hallowed halls. His priesthood grows larger every day; their cathedral in Sigil is constantly being enlarged by his holy smiths. It’s hard to say where they’re getting the materials, but rumor has it that they’re pumping significant jink into the local economy.


The Soulforger is aloof and distant, but has some ties to the Primus. Oddly, he has worked with the Khan of the Dao, one of the Elemental Lords, in the past in order to obtain rare elements only present on the Elemental Plane of Earth & Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals.


The Demon Prince despises the Soulforger, and the feeling is mutual. Traditionally, Chaos is the enemy of the Builder, bringing down his constructs and spreading discord through his followers. The Queen of Spiders and her followers inhabit realms sacred to dwarves, and thus are the Soulforger’s eternal foes.


Mount Celestia has been inhabited by deities like the Soulforger since time immemorial. It’s hard to say whether he actually created the first dwarves (as many of them believe) or if their existence caused him to come into being, but it’s really a chicken-or-egg question. The dwarves need him, and he needs the dwarves.

The True Danger

Everything will be alright as long as the Soulforger’s followers don’t actually succeed at enacting his grand plan.


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